• First Carbon-Neutral Travel Insurance Provider in SA


    Travelinsure is committed to bringing new innovation to South Africa and aims at becoming the first carbon neutral travel insurance provider to promote environmental sustainability practices within our industry. As part of this commitment and to fulfil our obligation to protect our planet and environment we have partnered with impactChoice to implement their unique approach to offsetting the carbon emissions associated with our operations.

    For every travel insurance policy provided impactChoice will issue you with a guaranteed impactChoice micro carbon offset certificate based on our Product Carbon Footprint. This certificate is proof that the emissions associated with the purchase of our policies has been offset. Our corporate customers are of course also able to legitimately use these certificates as part of their own emissions reduction reporting activities.

    The carbon credits used are provided by Envirotrade (http://www.envirotrade.co.uk/) and will benefit the members of the Gorongosa Community Carbon sub-Project in Mozambique. More information on this project may be found here (http://www.envirotrade.co.uk/html/projects_gorongosa.php)

Enjoy your travels, worry-free