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Help me decide which travel insurance cover

How to choose a travel insurance cover most suited to your trip

Our products are designed according to:

1. The country you are travelling to.

When you do a quote for your travel insurance cover you will be asked which countries you are travelling to and the appropriate selection of policies will be presented in your quote for you to choose. Note that some regions are cheaper to travel to than others and this will show in your quotation. See Regions below.

2a. Type of travel

Leisure travel insurance cover

To choose a leisure policy first decide if you want to purchase policies for a single trip


if you travel often you can choose a policy that covers you for multiple trips in one year.

Business travel insurance cover

If you are travelling on Business this travel insurance is a good option


Student travel insurance cover

If you are a young person from 16-30 years of age studying or  on working holiday this is a good option.

Top Up travel insurance cover

If you are happy to rely on insurance offered by your credit card provider it can be advisable to top up this cover to ensure you have maximum protection. This is provided your airline ticket was purchased with your credit card and you qualify for underlying travel insurance.

Senior travel insurance cover

If you are over 71 -80  years old this is your only option for travel insurance.

Inbound travel insurance cover

If you are travelling to South Africa from another country you can get this travel insurance to cover you for your stay in


When you do a quote the following option of cover for different regions will be quoted depending on which country you select to travel to:


Finally, there are options which will give you better pricing structures depending on who you are travelling with on exactly the same itinerary:


Travel insurance cover
If you are travelling alone.


Travel insurance cover
Spouses or partners.


Travel insurance cover

Mother and father and accompanying children


Single Parent

Travel insurance cover

With accompanying children.


Travel insurance cover

A good option if you are travelling with more than 10 in a group.



If you need advice or help in deciding on the most suitable product to buy, contact us on +27(0)10 211 6981 or email

When you purchase your travel insurance policy, you will receive the policy terms and conditions and a policy certificate (outlining the benefit and limit of liability) however should you not receive the policy documentation, please contact our assistance service.