South African travel insurance

Inbound travel insurance

  • Where to access to the best medical care
  • How to make your stay safe and enjoyable
  • Local travel and getting around

Get travel insurance cover for South Africa with a South African company with local knowledge on the ground. Our Inbound travel insurance is based on our local knowledge and you will have access emergency medical assistance from professionals who are intimate with conditions on the ground in South Africa like where its safe to travel, where the best medical care facilities are and maybe some local knowledge on the best places to visit.

This travel insurance covers you if you are a non resident of South Africa visiting the country on holiday.

International Cover Worldwide

Free Children
Up to 5 children share cover free of charge subject to you having legal custody of the children and read more...
Children under 21 yrs (share cover)
Maximum Age Limit
You have to be under 70 to qualify for this policy.
69 yrs inclusive
Emergency Medical and Related Expenses
Regent will pay the necessary unexpected and emergency medical expenses incurred due to injury or illness up to the maximum limit of R5,000,000
R 5 000 000
Medical expenses - Adventure sports
You are covered under Section 1 Emergency Medical and Related Expenses if you participate in any of the following activities, provided that the standard safety gear and helmets are worn: ....Read More
R 100 000
Medical Excess - less than 6 months
This means the first amount, or period, of each and every loss payable by you as shown here,
R 500 outpatient
Medical Excess - more than 6 months N/A
Related expenses
Optical expenses
Where optical treatment is required as a result of a sudden and unexpected Illness, Regent will pay for emergency optical treatment provided by a registered medical practitioner or optician up to R2, 000. ....Read More
R 2 000
Provisional pain-stilling dental treatment
Where dental treatment is required as a result of a sudden and unexpected Illness, Regent will pay for emergency dental treatment provided by a registered medical practitioner or dentist up to R2, 000. ....Read More
R 2 000
Accompanying family member
If your travel companion is left stranded in the event of your hospitalisation, repatriation or death, Regent will pay for their accommodation and transportation back to their country of residence, with a qualified escort if necessary, up to the limit of liability shown here. ....Read More
Real Expense
Repatriation of mortal remains and coffin expenses
In the event of your death Regent will pay the reasonable costs to repatriate your mortal remains to your country of residence, up to the limit of liability shown here. ....Read More
Real Expense
Compassionate emergency visit by any one person
If you are hospitalised outside your country of residence, and you do not have an accompanying family member on your insured journey, Regent will at the recommendation of the attending medical practitioner, pay for reasonable accommodation and travelling costs for your spouse or relative .. ....Read More
Real Expense
Hospital Cash Benefit Nil
Medical Expenses - Terrorism
Medical expenses up to the limit of liability as shown here as a direct result of the below causing bodily Injury to you and arising from: any Terrorist Act or the use of military force in response to a Terrorist Act. ....Read More
R 100 000
Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Nil
Pre-Existing Excess N/A
Medical Evacuation/Repatriation/Transportation
If you require emergency treatment due to an Injury or Illness during your trip then Regent may, subject to the overall limit: 1. Move you from one location to another in order for you to receive adequate medical treatment and/or; 2. Arrange for your return to the Republic of South Africa. ....Read More
Real Expense
Personal Accident
If you suffer accidental bodily Injury during the insured journey, which causes your death Regent will pay up to the maximum limit of liability in your schedule of benefits to your beneficiary. ....Read More
In-flight and Not in-flight (excl. Adventure sports) Nil
Assistance services
Assistance Services means that you are entitled to the worldwide services of Regent Travel Assist. The following additional services can be arranged up to the Limit of Liability stated in the schedule of benefits.
Cash Advances
In the event of a financial emergency Regent will arrange the transfer of the required cash advance into your account. The funds must be repaid in full plus an additional 10% administration fee.
Emergency travel and accommodation arrangements
Regent will provide you with all reasonable, possible and practical assistance in arranging for emergency alternative accommodation and onward or return transportation, at your own cost.
Transmission of urgent messages
Regent will transmit messages to you or on your behalf in the event of travel delay, Illness or Injury.
Alternative employee or resumption of assignment
This policy does not cover you for this.
Legal Assistance
Locating legal counsel and if necessary an advance of funds for bail up to the limit of liability. ....Read More
R 15 000
24 Hour Nurse Line
You will have access to a professional Assistance Service that will deal with any health query. This service is offered in nine official South African languages.
Consular referral
Regent will provide you with the relevant details of diplomatic representatives wherever possible.
Household Assist
A 24-hour help line which provides you with access to a nationwide network of approved emergency services in South Africa, including locksmiths, plumbers, beekeepers, glaziers and electricians.
Trauma Line
Provides necessary assistance such as the details of the police or the nearest local emergency Assistance Services in the case of: a) Assault b) Hijacking c) Child Abuse d) Medical emergency e) Most other violent and non-violent forms of trauma
Cancellation cover is for financial loss you suffer when you do not use pre-paid travel and accommodation because you are unable to start your trip. ...Read More
R 10 000
Curtailment cover applies if you are forced to cut short a trip you have already started, and return to your Country of Residence because of one of defined changes in circumstances ...Read More
R 7 500
Postponement of your journey Nil
Cancellation due to visa application being denied Nil
Missed connection (Min. 4 hr connecting time)
If you miss your flight under certain conditions the extra costs of continuing your journey will be covered ...Read More
R 5 000
Natural Disaster Cover
If the booked accommodation cannot be lived in as a direct result of fire, flood, earthquake, storm or tsunami Regent will pay for the value of unused arrangements, ...Read More
R 3 000
Travel Supplier Insolvency Cover Nil
Section 4: Excess R 500
Inconvenience Cover
Theft or Damage to Baggage Nil
Accidental Loss of Baggage Nil
Baggage Excess Not applicable
Single item limit on baggage and personal items Not applicable
Sunglasses (no excess applicable) Not applicable
Electronic Equipment Not applicable
Single item limit for cellular phones Not applicable
Cash/Travel doc's (R250 Excess)
Cover for the loss resulting from theft of your travel documents and cash but limited to expenses incurred within the country where the loss occurred in having the documents replaced. ....Read More
R 1 500
Baggage Delay (6 hrs min.)
If your accompanied Baggage is temporarily delayed, misdirected or misplaced during the Insured Journey for a minimum time period according to the limits shown here, Regent will pay up to the limit of liability stated for the purchase of essential items of clothing and personal effects. Regent will only pay this benefit if your Baggage is returned to you after a delay. ....Read More
R 1 000
Snow Sport Cover
If you are going skiing see the specific items below that you are covered for Read More
Ski Equipment Not available
Ski Pack Not available
Avalanche Closure Not available
Piste Closure Not available
Travel Delay (6 hrs min.)
Covers you for essential expenses incurred when the departure of your scheduled public transport in which you have arranged to travel is delayed for a minimum time period according to your schedule of benefits and up to the limit of liability stated here. ....Read More
R 1 000
Security Travel Delay (6 hrs min.) N/A
Personal Liability (Excess: R1 000)
If during your Insured Journey you become legally liable for accidental bodily Injury to, or the death of, any person and/or Accidental Loss of or damage to their property, then on condition that there is no other insurance in force covering the loss, the material damage or your liability, Regent will cover you (or in the event of your death, your legal personal representatives) against: ....Read More
R 500 000
Hijack of Public Transportation (24hrs min.) Nil
Kidnap and wrongful detention
Kidnap Nil
Wrongful Detention Nil
Rental Car Excess Nil
Excess Waiver - Optional Extension
If you pay the additional premium Regent will waive all Excesses noted in your Schedule of Benefits. ....Read More
Excesses waived (if purchased)
Accumulation limit
means the maximum amount Regent will pay under this policy for any one Accident or series of Accidents arising from one source or cause during your Insured Journey.
R 5 000 000