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    Travel insurance claim in real life

    My wife (Dulcie) & I were visiting our son & his family in Guernsey in October. Before we left we bought travel insurance online with Travelinsure. Of course we are getting old but Im still a 21 year old in my own mind and therefore, I never for one minute thought that we would make a travel insurance medical claim in real life.

    We had a wonderful time visiting our son and our grand children, until one evening my wife started complaining of a stomach-ache and said she would like to lie down for a while rather than go to watch our granddaughter play hockey. After the hockey we returned to our son’s home to find my wife in a very poor condition, spread-eagled over the bathroom floor & vomiting her lungs out. When her condition had not improved after a further hour, we decided to take her to the Casualty department at the Princess Elizabeth hospital  at about 8.30pm on a Friday night!

    Dulcie was attended to promptly by a doctor who immediately ordered various tests. After x-rays & blood tests the matter was regarded as serious & Dulcie was admitted to Victoria Wing for observation. Next day after ultrasound & scans, Dulcie was diagnosed with pancreatitis and a gallbladder removal was considered necessary. As the matter was deemed an emergency, surgery was scheduled for the next day (Sunday). The operation went off without a hitch but Dulcie had some heart fibrillations in the recovery room & was sent to ICU for observation. Fortunately this was not serious & Dulcie was sent back to the Victoria Wing some 24 hours later. A quick recovery followed & Dulcie was discharged a day or two later.

    Through all this trauma, the question of expense was never far from my mind (I was aware the hospital fee was 550 British pounds per day!). Buying travel insurance online with Travelinsure was the best thing I could have done and I cannot speak highly enough of the prompt attention my telephonic report to Maxwell Lenkoe received. Subsequent e-mails to and from Tracy Taylor at Europ Assistance SA were all promptly and courteously handled. Neither the hospital nor any of the attending medical staff ever bugged me for payment of any monies – the notification of my travel insurance details was apparently sufficient. All my medical bills were paid by Travelinsure (I did not even see them!) & I am eternally grateful for this.

    Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey

    Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey

    The Bill to return Mrs Cameron safe and well to South Africa was over R232 000.

    We are pleased that we were able to help Mrs Cameron with her travel insurance medical claim and she has made a full recovery.

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