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Credit Card/Medical Aid Top Up Travel Insurance

Available As:

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What does Credit Card Top Up offer?

Our Credit Card top up travel insurance covers you for the excess amount resulting from a valid medical claim against Your Automatic Medical Insurance offered from Your Credit Card Insurance.

Thus, if you are relying solely on insurance cover provided by purchasing your travel transport and accommodation with your credit card, our Credit Card Top Up cover will give you that additional protection that you may need should a claim arise.

This gives you a cheaper travel cover that serves as a back stop for your credit card insurance. See our article on credit card top up travel insurance.

In respect of Section 1 – Emergency Medical and Related Expenses, We will only be liable to pay any claim submitted in terms of this Policy after the full benefit limit of the cover has been exhausted on the automatic cover that You qualify for on Your South African issued credit card and South African medical aid.

Who would select Credit Card top up cover?

How do I purchase this Credit card top up cover?

If you want to buy our credit card or top up insurance cover you will have to contact us as you cannot purchase this on our online facility. The reason for this is because we need to verify which travel insurance is being topped up and we need you to understand how it works by talking to one of our trained advisers. You can contact us here.