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Annual or Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Several dream destinations in a collage of four photos illustrates the concept of multi-trip travel insurance

What is Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

Enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive range of policies that offer annual coverage for multiple trips. Our carefully curated selection of policies ensures that you are protected throughout the year, no matter where your travels take you. With our annual multi-trip travel insurance, you can travel with confidence knowing that you have reliable coverage for all your adventures.

If you take the option of an Annual Multi-Trip policy when you are purchasing travel insurance, you will be protected an unlimited number of trips for one year, with each trip consisting of a maximum duration of 90 days. This option is ideal if you travel often as it may work out cheaper than buying several single trip policies. What’s more, you can nip off at the drop of a hat knowing you’re covered.

 How to get Annual Multi-Trip travel insurance

quote icon singletrip e1695983338664When you buy travel insurance online you will be asked if you want a single trip or annual multi-trip.

quote icon multitrip e1696063483830 Simply select your option for multi trip and our quotation/purchase engine will give you options to buy the following polices according to your requirements and what you enter in your age group, reason for traveling and destination.

6 Policies that Sell Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

It really is as simple as that and you will now have a quote and policies to choose from which offer annual or multi-trip cover for your convenience.