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South African Travel Insurance Policies

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Local Travel insurance

Haven’t you ever wondered why we don’t get South African travel insurance when you travel in your own country. South Africa is a big, beautiful place but there are still things that go wrong. Now you can get local travel insurance for that extra piece of mind.

Overview of Local South African Schedule of Benefits

Age Limits80 years inclusive
Medical Evacuation/RepatriationR80 000
Personal LiabilityR 1 000 000
Visa denied/delayedR 30 000
Cancellation R 10 000
Baggage & related ExpensesR 5 000
Personal AccidentR 50 000
Car rental excess waiverR10 000
Inbound South African travel insurance to South Africa

 Inbound South African Travel Insurance

This cover is for overseas visitors not resident but travelling within South Africa on a foreign passport. Get travel insurance cover with a South African company with local knowledge on the ground. Our cover is based on our local knowledge and you will have access to a 24 hour help desk for your stay.

Overview of  Inbound Schedule of Benefits

Age Limits70 Years inclusive
Emergency Medical ExpensesR10 000 000
Leisure and Sporting ActivitiesR 1 500 000
Natural DisasterR 10 000
Journey Cancellation R 30 000
Baggage and Related ExpensesR 20 000
LegalR 10 000