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We are as passionate about travel as anyone else so we sprinkle in travel stories wherever we can that are positive and do not dwell on doom and gloom to scare you into buying travel insurance. There is nothing quite like taking a spirit of adventure to international destinations that are new, unfamiliar and exciting. We know how to take risks but we also know how to mitigate risk and be sensible about potential mishaps that could cost you your next travel story adventure!

  • Beautiful forest falls one of the 6 most beautiful waterfalls in Mpumalanga

    6 Exciting Waterfalls in Mpumalanga

    I love waterfalls. I’m the kind of bloke who if he hears there is a waterfall nearby, I have to see it. There is an African saying, “A river is a mysterious thing, Where did you come from? Where are you going? A river is a child.” If you are that kind where waterfalls arouse…

  • avily laden bicuycle on beach in France shoes the need for International health insurance and schengen visa

    International health insurance for cycling in France

    For those of you that don’t know a bicycle tour the way I do it is my own self-made tour. You can get some excellent tours organised by professionals who provide you with bikes and accommodation as you go, but if you haven’t guessed, I like adventure, in particular adventure where you have to be…

  • IMG 0842 scaled

    Travel insurance for South Africans – Adventures in Mana part 2

    The great thing about Mana pools is you are allowed to walk. Many people visiting are afraid to do this but the flood plains near the river are open with big trees, so visibility in winter is considerable and theoretically you can see dangerous animals and avoid getting too close. For those unfamiliar with the…

  • A scene on Guernsey Island illustrates the place where a Travel medical claim in real life occurred

    Travel Insurance Medical Claim in real life

    This short and real story about a travel insurance medical claim in real life has a happy ending and we are ecstatic that Mr Cameron was able to tell us about it with the aim of warning others that for a small price you can insure against real worry and it is worth the peace…

  • Travel Protection

    Travel Protection – Adventures in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe – part 1

    Mana Pools in the north of Zimbabwe is one of my favorite places. You are allowed to walk here because the bush is so open in the dry months of the year. The wild life is prolific, unequaled really and walking among them one gets a sense of the birds and the smells and the…

Travel Insurance Guidelines

We try and disentangle the complications of travel insurance and alert you to what you need cover for and where you may be misled into believing you are covered and simple tips and tricks to ensure you don’t break the rules of your policy terms and conditions and inadvertently jeopardize your cover. Our main aim is to help you select the best travel insurance cover at an affordable price. This does not mean compromising on cover but rather understanding what level of cover is necessary for the risks you are taking and are prepared to accept.

Country Travel Warnings

Any cover provide by our travel insurance is negated if you travel in any areas of a country where a travel warning has been issued by the Foreign and commonwealth office.

  • Travel Warning for Mozambique – 9 districts to avoid

    Travel Warning for Mozambique – 9 districts to avoid

    Travel warning for Mozambique after dissatisfaction with municipal elections The latest FCO travel insurance warning for Mozambique was issued by the FCO recently (17 October 2023). FCDO travel warning for Mozambique for all travel in the following regions: The districts of Mueda, Nangade, Palma (except Palma town), Mocimboa da Praia, Muidumbe, Meluco, Macomia, Quissanga and…

  • Travel Warning for Uganda

    Travel Warning for Uganda

    Uganda, known as the “Pearl of Africa” for its stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and warm hospitality, has been a popular destination for travelers seeking adventure, culture, and safari experiences. However, before planning your trip to this East African nation, it is crucial to be aware of potential risks and travel advisories that may affect…

  • Travel warning – Travelling in Africa

    Travel warning – Travelling in Africa

    Since the terrorist attack on tourists in Tunisa, we have received many enquiries about any travel warning for South Africans travelling in Africa. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office have issued the following warnings where terrorism has occurred in Africa.

  • Kenya Travel warning

    Kenya Travel warning

    Terrorist Attack In Kenya After the appalling terrorist attack in Kenya on the Garissa University, Travelinsure have issued a Kenya travel warning, heeding the latest advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FC0) for travel to certain areas of Kenya. Garissa, situated in the North Eastern Province around 200 km from the border with Somalia,…