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International health insurance for cycling in France

avily laden bicuycle on beach in France shoes the need for International health insurance and schengen visa

International health Insurance and Schengen visa for cycling in France

Getting the bike

Bike set up complete with waterproof panniers, clothing and visibility vest for bad weather or unexpected night riding

Organised or self made Bicycle tour

For those of you that don’t know a bicycle tour the way I do it is my own self-made tour. You can get some excellent tours organised by professionals who provide you with bikes and accommodation as you go, but if you haven’t guessed, I like adventure, in particular adventure where you have to be self-reliant. Now there is nothing non-adventurous about an organised tour and I can recommend a few but its the self reliant aspect that adds the tang that I need.

The problem with being self-reliant is it involves time and particularly some planning and organising. So if you don’t have time and you are not a planner and an organiser this may not be for you, then rather go on an organised tour with everything laid on.

However, the planning is the one of the most exciting parts of the whole exercise. Fly over google maps and check out the towns, the terrain. Where are the forests, the sea, the lakes. You can fly from the start of your journey to the end in seconds, something you remember when you are actually on your journey sweating up a hill in 30 degrees.

Whilst doing this I lay a track of my route, I study the towns and look up what they say about the area I am travelling in and I divert my route according to my interest. Then I look at the kilometres I have to go and divide it up into days so I know I can get to points where I have to catch a train or a ship or a plane.

Travel insurance on a bicycle
Enjoying the sights in Nantes
Travel insurance on a bicycle
Mariel Sur Lay
Cafe in La Rochelle visited during bike tour of France
Cafe in La Rochelle
Travel insurance on a bicycle
Waiting to board the ferry I met another tourer
Travel insurance on a bicycle
The amazing 300km long cycle track on the west coast of France
Travel insurance on a bicycle
Camping in the pine forests next to the sea
Travel insurance on a bicycle
Lake on the edge of the cycle path in the pine forest
The bays around Bayonne
Beach in Bayonne City
The beautiful city of San Sebastian. Home of tapas.
Steep terrain on the road to Santander
Travel Insurance on a bicycle
The beautiful scenery in the Basque country of Spain
travel insurance on a bicyle
Statues of boys swimming and looking over the bay are life-size and realistic