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Trip cover and Travel medical insurance – 2 key components of Comprehensive Cover

Travel Protection versus Travel medical insurance - Is there a difference?

What is Travel insurance?

What is Travel insurance

The cost of Travel Insurance

  • Reason for travel (Business or Leisure) – Maybe you like to participate in adventure sports (leisure) or you will be drinking coffee safely in business meetings all day.
  • Your Age Senior citizens have higher risk of health conditions developing during a trip and premiums tend to be higher.
  • Length and number of trips (multi trips or a single trip) – premiums are often calculated according to the number of days on a trip.
  • Your destination – The cost of health cover is more in the USA than in India for example, hence travel to the USA will attract higher premiums than India.
  • Who is travelling – individual, group, or family can get discounts.
  • What level of cover is important for you – For example, do you want the cost of your dog in the kennel covered in case your return is delayed or do you just want to keep it simple?
  • Tailor/upgrade your trip cover – Our online system allows you to add on extras for your trip cover. (Read more below).

What you need to know before you buy

How Does Trip Cover work?

How Does Travel Protection work?

What Should I Look for in a Trip cover Policy?

Essential coverage:

  • cover for lost or damaged items.
  • cover for lost or delayed baggage.
  • cover for cancellation or missed departure.
  • Trip interruption (curtailment)
  • Adventure sports 
  • Trip cancellation for any or named reason.  
  • Trip interruption for any or named reason.  
  • Travel supplier insolvency cover.
  • Excess Waivers
  • Natural disaster cover
  • Legal liability and related expenses

What is Travel Medical Insurance?

What is travel medical insurance?

What travel insurance is right for me?

What travel insurance cover is right for me?