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6 Exciting Waterfalls in Mpumalanga

Beautiful forest falls one of the 6 most beautiful waterfalls in Mpumalanga

Waterfalls in Mpumalanga arouse a sense of excitement.

1. Lone Creek Falls

A picture of lone creek waterfalls in Mpumalanga

2. Lisbon Falls

Lisbon falls in Mpumalanga
You can view Lisbon falls from all angles.

3. Berlin Falls

Lisbon falls  one of the highest waterfalls in Mpumalanga
The magestic Lisbon Falls

4. Forest Falls

Forest Falls one of the more secluded and less commercialised waterfalls in Mpumalanga
Set in a forest with no gates, no money – the way I like it

5. Mac Mac Falls

A picture of Mac Mac Falls in Mpumalanga
Mac Mac Falls Split in two by the old-time gold miners.

6. Bourke’s Luck Potholes

Bourkes Luck Potholes in Mpumalanga
Bourkes luck Potholes, Busy, but fascinating and beautiful

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